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    • Fabricated entirely from low temperature carbon steel according to ASTM A352 gr. LCB and ASTM A350 LF2.

      Totally enclosed weatherproof housing.

      Scotch yoke mechanism to suit valve torque requirements.

      Relief vent to expel undesired overpressure.

      Low pressure pneumatic cylinder for supply pressures up to 12 bar design suitable for instrument air or sweet / inert gas applications or special application with material according to NACE requirements for sour gas supply medium.

      Carbon steel piston with dynamic floating O-ring seals coupled with lubricating piston guide rings.

      Alloy steel spring (only for single acting).

      17.4 PH shaft and mechanical position indicator (fully sealed IP68 to avoid ingress into the scotch yoke area) and square male output shaft complete with VDI/VDE 3845 NAMUR drive slot for monitoring devices.

      Bronze sliding blocks which ensure minimum friction, allowing for a long service life and reducing maintenance costs.

      Bronze thrust bearings which guides the actuators shaft & yoke throughout its stroke and supports all transverse loads generated.

      ASTM A 320 L7 alloy steel tie rods, with standard electrolytic zinc coating according to ASTM B633 FeZn 12 (thickness 12 μm).

      AISI 316 stainless steel end travel stops allow for accurate angular stroke adjustment.

      Integral manual override facilities.

      Design allows 4 x 90° actuator rotation.

      AISI 316 stainless steel external bolting.





      Supply pressure up to 12 bar design.

      Actuator torque output up to 1.000 Nm.

      Standard operating temperature range -30°C / +100°C.

      Special low temperature application up to -60°C.

      Special high temperature application up to +200°C.

      All ProControl pressure containing parts are designed according to ASME VIII div.1 and EN 13445.

      All ProControl actuators are designed for 30 years’ service life.

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